About Fuyu no Nakashibetsu Asobi

About Fuyu no Nakashibetsu Asobi

The four seasons of Hokkaido.There is a particular magic in its scenery and nature that can only be enjoyed at certain times of the year. And of course, the essence of Hokkaido is in its great food and special cuisine.

The next event in the NakashibetsuAsobi(Enjoy Nakashibetsu) series is based on the theme of Fuyu(winter).The green pastures of summer have turned into a land of silver and white, and with it new opportunities to experience and enjoy. With this in mind, we have created two special events:

•A snowshoe tour to view the magnificent nature of Nakashibetsu in winter.
•A course in making fresh soba noodles, using the best local soba wheat flour.

The aim of NakashibetsuAsobiis to establish and increase awareness of the Nakashibetsu area’s wonderful tourist attractions, as well as utilizing them to create new and interesting experiences.

As the number of foreign tourists to Hokkaido has been increasing in recent years, this event is primarily aimed at the non-Japanese tourism market. We sincerely hope we can host you and we look forward to hearing your impressions of the event.

Experience a world of white and blue
Lake Mashu Snowshoe & Yoroushi Onsen Tour

Enjoy the unique taste of your very own soba noodles
Soba Noodle Making