Uramashu Snowshoe Program

The application deadline has now passed.

Visiting the land of blue and white.
Uramashu snowshoe tour and Yoroushi Onsen.

A snowshoe walk to the Uramashu Observatory, overlooking pristine Lake Mashu, followed by a delicious Japanese set lunch. Finally, warm up and relax in the hot waters and beautiful scenery of YoroushiOnsen.



【When】January 20th, 2018 (Saturday)

【Time】8:30am to about 2:00pm

【Where】Hotel Yoroushi, at YoroushiOnsen, Nakashibetsu

【Fee】1,080yen (tax included) for lunch. There is no charge for the snowshoe walk or onsen.

【How to pay】Please pay cash to the event organizers on the day.

【Number of participants】
About 10 participants ideally consisting of 5 non-Japanese members (including residents of Japan) and 5 Japanese members. The number of participants may vary according to the number of applications.

【Restrictions】Participants must be aged 18 or over.

【Application deadline】January 12th, 2018(Friday)

【Further details】
The snowshoe tour is expected to last two and a half hours. Following the walk, the group will return to Hotel Yoroushi for lunch. After lunch, you are free to enjoy the onsen and leave when you wish.

【Clothing and equipment】

■To bring
・A rucksack or backpack
・An extra jacket for warmth (down jacket, etc.)
・Sunglasses(UV reflection off the snow is very strong)
・A thermos flask and hot drink
・Snacks (candy, etc.)
・Bath towel, face towel, a change of clothes, and any other personal items for bathing.
・Any other items(Camera, binoculars etc.)

Please wear layered warm clothing so as to enable your body to maintain a steady temperature. Whilst snowshoeing, the body tends to get very hot, whilst it will quickly cool during a break. During the tour, it is important to remove or add layers so as to maintain a constant body temperature. Also, every body differs in its ability to react, so please refer to the list below as a guide, and dress according to your individual needs:
・First layer. Long underwear(shirt・tights or leggings)… Quick-dry or wool
・Second layer. A fleece or jumper, nylon trousers
・Outer layer. Waterproof jacket and trousers, or ski jacket and trousers.
・Warm hat, warm gloves and warm socks.
・Warm winter boots (must cover above ankle)
・Please avoid clothing that is difficult to dry (regular t-shirts、jeans etc.)

【Important information and conditions】

■Important information
・Anyone under the influence of alcohol or pregnant should not take part in this tour.
・You must be fit enough to walk a long distance on snow.
・In the case of bad weather, the tour will continue provided conditions are mild enough (light snow, etc.). However, if the weather is deemed to be too unsafe, or in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as poor traffic conditions, earthquakes, etc. the tour will be cancelled and we will contact you by phone the day before. Also, if for any reason you are not able to attend the tour, please inform us by 17:15 the day before.
・As winter weather can change suddenly, please understand that we reserve the right to cancel the tour at any time before or duringin the interests of personal safety.
・During the tour, for safety reasons please pay attention to your guide at all times. It is not possible to depart the tour early.
・ You are responsible for all costs entailed in reaching the tour starting point.

・All participants must fill out the questionnaire at the end of the program.
・Photos and videos taken during the event may be used on affiliated websites or affiliated media.
・We ask for your cooperation in assisting any related media (newspaper, TV etc.) that may be present to cover the event.
・Although participants are insured against injury during the program, please be aware the event coordinator cannot accept responsibility for any injury or damage pertaining to accidents, food poisoning, theft or loss of personal items, etc.


Please read and confirm all conditions before applying.


【Map and address】Nakashibetsu, AzaYoroushi, 519-Banchi